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Mary Timakova (Netherlands)

Старший преподаватель для детей


Меня зовут Мэри. Я из Нидерландов, но моим первым языком является английский. Также я говорю по-голландски и немного по-испански. … Читать больше


Jerome Orphe (США)


“I'm an enlightened man in an ever smaller world (amazing how exciting and rich things are when you get off of your comfort zone). I'm originally from Florida (USA). Unlike most people, I'm not a flag-carrier. I'm not a fanatic who loves to display the "stars and stripes" everywhere I go in the world; although I am grateful for where I’ve come from, and how I’ve become to be. Since 2011, I’ve taught English both in Kazakhstan and Russia. I have travelled throughout the Russian Federation since 2009. From the best of schools, to the not-so-best of schools, I have helped to improve the linguistic skills of many people of all ages throughout my short time in Russia. And there was also a great deal of adversity along the way. After 8 years of mostly teaching in Kazakhstan, I’m starting a new lease on life in the Russian Federation - in an attempt to redeem myself. I love trying to push some new ideas through, to get pupils motivated. I've always had a fascination with Russia since childhood. I visited Moscow in 2009 (which was the first city outside of the US I've ever visited). It was only for a few days but my experience in Moscow has been mixed. Despite some setbacks, however, I've always have an infatuation with the Russian culture and the people in general.”


Pepe Peleti (Новая Зеландия)


Greetings all ... my name's Pepe from the beautiful land of the long white cloud, New Zealand.  I'm very happy to share my passion for education, particularly in the field of facilitating English as a foreign language.  It's been 13 fruitful years of travelling, working, living and learning in Japan, China, Indonesia, Argentina, Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia.  It's a blessing to have enjoyed to this day many lifetime friendships.  I've worked for BEC in Moscow as a TESOL teacher in 2014-2015 where I experienced the Russian winter for the first time and had the privilege to experience the Russian culture and cuisine especially my favourite "Shashlik".  I'm looking forward to returning to BEC in Moscow to continue working there as an English teacher in the coming academic year 2018-2019, especially building relationships with my students as well as the staff and my fellow teachers.  Blessings to all - see you soon!


Radim Gulvas (Slovakia)


I am a friendly, responsible and flexible person with a strong sense of motivation and patience; furthermore, I have greatly enjoyed my teaching experience to date and I have taught a range of levels and ages including teenagers. I have found the experience to be extremely rewarding. My university degree in English as a Foreign language and English language literature, my CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults), together with my extensive teaching experience (in the UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia) add to my qualifications as a teacher of English, in spite of the fact that I was not brought up in an English speaking country. In fact, this being the case, I believe to be at an advantage, in that I have a thoroughly firm grasp on the English language, its grammar and lexis, and I can put myself in the learner’s position when preparing lessons. After my first Russian contract came to an end it took me about 5 minutes to make a decision to return for another year. It has been four years since then. I got married and I'm enjoying the perks Russia as a country has to offer. I'm a very active person and Russia is a great place for such people. I love adventurous journeys and I do all sorts of sports (swimming, cycling, cross-coutry and downhill skiing, hiking etc.), time permitted. Travelling, learning about other cultures and mainly about people is another of my passions. My next travelling goal is to learn more about nature, traditions and mainly people who live on the other side of the Ural mountains


Svetlana Bushkevich (Russia)


Привет! Меня зовут Светлана и я из Москвы. В 2012 году я окончила Московский педагогический государственный университет по специальности преподаватель английского языка...Читать больше

Larisa Anischenkova (Russia)


Hello! My name is Larisa. I live in Zheleznodorozhny. I have studied in London (UK) and got the CELTA (University of Cambridge certificate).I have taught students from 14 to 62 years old. I am a friendly, responsible and flexible person with a strong sense of motivation and patience; furthermore, I have greatly enjoyed my teaching experience to date, and I have found the experience to be extremely rewarding.


Dmitry Shevelev (Russia)


Привет, меня зовут Дмитрий. В 1998 г. я закончил Государственный гуманитарно-технологический университет по специальности “филология”, факультет иностранных языков, квалификация – преподаватель английского и немецкого языков...Читать больше

Natalia Fedoseva (Russia)


My name is Natalie. I graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University with excellent grades and started my teaching practice while I was a student myself. Having achieved good results in this area, I spent quite a lot of time in business and have made a successful career, always finding time for teaching and learning. In 2010 I got my MBA in Strategic and Innovative Management. I love teaching - it is my passion as it's always both fun and challenging, and it gives me the time and energy for my life and hobbies. I am really keen on learning languages, travelling, dancing and mountain skiing.

Valerie Yakovleva (Russia)


Hi! My name’s Valerie. I’ve been working with BEC since 2005. I came up with the idea of teaching English long ago. I studied at the Institute of Foreign Languages in Nizhny Novgorod. Afterwards, I took a CELTA course in Krakow, Poland. I am fond of using the communicative approach in class as this is the most fascinating and efficient method of teaching English as a foreign language. I'm involved in a local amateur singing society where I volunteer as a singer. In addition to that I’m interested in reading, swimming and spending my free time outdoors.


Natalia Lelyakina (Russia)


Работа в Британском Образовательном Центре приносит мне огромное удовольствие, так как я работаю и общаюсь с замечательными людьми, как студентами так и преподавателями. … Читать больше



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